NTD releases reports, discussion papers and strategic direction papers based on our past and current projects, including irrigation infrastructure, regional planning, the Port of Bell Bay etc.

Meander Valley, Northern Tasmania - Irrigation

Irrigration Infrastructure

Rabobank - Tasmania's Future With Irrigation (PDF2MB, Dec 2013)

NTD believes that the proposed Scottsdale and North Esk Irrigation Schemes have great potential.   The potential of irrigation for Tasmania is reinforced by a recently released report from Rabobank which looks at Tasmania's Future with Irrigation. This high level scoping report, completed in December 2013, provides a snapshot of Tasmania agriculture and global climate comparisons.

Investment in irrigation infrastructure will help to improve the reliability and productivity of existing production systems, as well as unlock the significant unmet potential of the state's food and agriculture. Thanks to Rabobank for producing this report.

Kings Bridge, Launceston, Tasmania

Northern Integrated Transport Plan

Northern Integrated Transport Plan (PDF3.3MB, Nov 2013)

This plan is a collaborative initiative between the Department of State Growth, Infrastructure Tasmania and NTD, including the eight member Councils (Break O'Day, Dorset, Flinders, George Town, City of Launceston, Meander Valley, Northern Midlands and West Tamar).

The plan provides a long term strategic framework to address transport issues in the northern region, as well as being part of an ongoing process to provide a strategic and integrated approach to transport across Tasmania.

Dorset Municipality

Regional Planning - Common Development and Engineering Conditions

In September 2013, the NTD Regional Planning Committee endorsed common development and engineering conditions developed by a working group of Northern Tasmanian Council planning and engineering representatives.  This work has been guided by the Government's philosophy that the format and structure of the planning system should be uniform wherever appropriate between municipal areas.

This initiative of the northern region has been distributed to all Councils of the Northern Tasmanian region, the other regional organisations of Councils in Tasmania, the Tasmanian Planning Commission and the Minister for Planning and Local Government with recommendation for adoption.

Regional Planning - Common Development Conditions

Regional Planning - Engineering Conditions

Port of Bell Bay, George Town, Northern Tasmania

Port of Bell Bay

Containerised Freight Specialisation at the Port of Bell Bay: A Cost-Benefit Analysis (PDF1.9MB, Sept 2012)

NTD released a report in 2012 calling for action on the proposed upgrades at the Port of Bell Bay in order to provide long-term capacity for Tasmania’s economic development. This study was to assist in providing perspective on the role of the Port of Bell Bay as a critical piece of  infrastructure for the state to inform strategic infrastructural investment in the progression of Tasmania’s economic potential. Here is a link to the Port of Bell Bay.

Hobart-based consultancy business MMC Link was selected following their work with the Bell Bay Industry Group in 2011.  The report examined publicly available data about Tasmania’s current and projected port capacity utilising social cost-benefit methodology to compare the Port of Bell Bay against other Tasmanian ports and highlight the need for targeted infrastructure expenditure. Information was also collected through interviews with industry representatives.

Council Chambers

Local Government Review

Perspectives on Local Government Reform in the Northern Tasmania Development Region  (PDF, May 2012)

The Local Government Review project will broaden the scope of the current local government review debate.  The northern region is of the opinion that a proactive, rather than reactive, position is required in considering the future of local government.  This report was completed by Professor Brian Dollery on the reform options available to local government.

Hollybank Mountain Bike Trail, North East Tasmania (near Lilydale)

North East Mountain Bike Project

Mountain Bike Tourism Potential in Northern Tasmania (PDF10MB, Oct 2011)

TRC Potential for Mountain Biking in North Eastern Tasmania (PDF 2.10MB, Mar 2013)

As mountain biking continues to grow in popularity, the number of riders looking for new and interesting places to ride also continues to grow. Northern Tasmania is well placed to become a national, and potentially international mountain biking destination, however mountain biking tourism is in its infancy in Northern Tasmania. This project consists of three trails - the Hollybank Mountain Bike Park (construction by Dirt Art), and the Blue Derby and Blue Tier Mountain Bike Trails (construction by World Trail).

Background on the project - NTD commissioned a TrailMaster Plan in 2012, with the assistance from Communities, Sport and Recreation Tasmania.  The completed Hollybank Trail Master Plan utilises existing concepts developed by renowned international trail expert Joey Klein, and local trail designer Rob Potter.