Northern Regional Futures Project

The Northern Regional Futures Project (NRF) framework aims to improve the prosperity and living standards of Tasmanians living in the north and north east region. Co-ordinating industry groups based on contemporary models of collaboration around our identified key industry sectors/pillars (i.e. food and agribusiness; competitive manufacturing and tourism industries) will encourage the sharing of experiences and knowledge, and better define impediments (to remove barriers) with the purpose of increasing productivity, resource sharing, and increasing resilience and sustainability within these pillars.

Northern Regional Futures Plan

It will also encourage new opportunities for economic growth through the further development of emerging pillars such as health and education.

 By 2026 the Northern Regional Futures plan aims to:


It is recognised that Northern Tasmania has demonstrated pockets of brilliance through innovation and entrepreneurialism, however, clearly there is opportunity to do better.  The problem:


A skills-based, representative, diverse and flexible structure that has a clear mandate for enabling the delivery of regional priorities, recognising the role of the private sector to grow the region and optimise its true potential.

The Northern Regional Futures framework focuses on the pillars and foundations that grow our economy.

Pillars are the high-impact traded sectors of the Northern Tasmanian economy.  These are the sectors that contribute a disproportionately significant level of economic output, value-added employment and/or trade flows, compared with the state or national average.  They are initially identified as tourism, food and agribusiness, and competitive manufacturing.

Pillars are supported by the foundational resources such as an appropriately skilled workforce (human capital), land and water assets (natural resources), roads and telecommunication assets (infrastructure) and the way in which the region works together (regional dynamics).

The Northern Regional Futures is a process that supports the key projects identified through a robust and evidence based format that will drive the pillars.  Projects will fall into three categories and can relate to the pillars directly, or the foundations that support those pillars.



Snapshot of the Northern Regional Futures project.

For further information contact Northern Tasmania Development Corporation via email or phone 0400 338 410.

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