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 NTDC CEO Maree Tetlow has responded to the State Budget accouncements.

NTDC State Budget Media Release


NTDC Chair John Pitt has responded to media enquiries in regards to the future federal support for AMC.

AMC Next Steps NTDC Media Release


The NTDC Chair, John Pitt, witnessed the signing of the Launceston City Deal today and signed the Joint Statement of Support with other key stakeholders.

NTDC City Deal Media Release



The Northern Tasmania Mayors met wtih NTDC to discuss the Federal Government propsal to invest in a Maritime College in South Australia and how to maintain the preeminance of the Australian Maritime College.

NTDC and Northern Mayors response


NTDC Board Chair John Pitt has announced the new Directors of the Northern Tasmania Development Corporation Limited Board.

The appointment of a talented and contemporary Board will bring strong advocates for the region and persistent facilitators of initiatives which will help grow the economy, create jobs and improve the region's prosperity.

NTDC Board Directors Announced

Flinders Council Mayor Carol Cox said today, "I'm extremely pleased with the visit to Council of John Pitt the inaugural Chair of the Northern Tasmania Development Corporation to our island as part of an initial fact finding mission on the economic issues and opportunities that we all face as a remote isolated community.

Northern Tasmania Development Corporation Chair Visit to Flinders

Mayor Albert van Zetten, current Chair of the Northern Tasmania Development Association Inc., is delighted to officially announce the appointment of Mr John Pitt to the Board Chair position of the new Northern Tasmania Development Corporation (NTDC).

Appointment Confirmed of New Board Chair for NTDC

With support from the Local Government Committee (LGC) in moving to a new governance model for economic development in the north/north east of Tasmania, the recruitment process for the appointment of a new independent Board Chair has commenced.

New Board Chair Being Sought For NTDC

At a meeting held in Launceston today, Northern Tasmania Development's (NTD) Local Government Committee (LGC) reviewed and voted on recommendations made in moving to a new governance model for economic development in north/north east Tasmania.

Councils Confirm Their Support to Move to a New Governance Model for Economic Development in the Region

NTD will coordinate an Asian Engagement Strategy on behalf of Break O'Day, City of Launceston, Dorset, Flinders, George Town, Meander Valley, Northern Midlands and West Tamar Councils.  The Department of State Growth has also agreed to fund and participate in the strategy to be undertaken by consultants Asia Australis.

Northern Tasmania's Councils Collaborate to Drive Exports

NTD has written to the Prime Minister, Premier and Federal Member for Bass on behalf of Break O'Day, City of Launceston, Dorset, Flinders, George Town, Northern Midlands and West Tamar Councils reflecting their support of the University of Tasmania's move to an inner city campus and their new business model for the north.

Northern Tasmania Councils Confirm Their Support of UTAS Transformation Project - 20.5.16

Delivered by Dr Anton Kriz, well-known innovation and regional development specialist from the University of Newcastle, NTD's 'Future Regional Champions Program' commenced in Launceston on Monday.  Maree Tetlow NTD Executive Officer confrimed that, 'as a result of a successful Skills Tasmania funding application, NTD offered this specialised professional development program to council employees, council elected members and key stakeholder businesses and community organisations across the northern region."

Future Regional Champions Come Together - 3.5.16

At a meeting earlier this month NTD's Local Government Committee (LGC) reviewed and considered the recommendations put forward in the 'Review of Regional Bodies in Northern Tasmania' report, together with its future. Read more - 

Local Government Consider Review of Regional Bodies Report & Interim CEO Appointed for NTD - 22.3.16

NTD has written to Minister Groom on behalf of Break O'Day, Dorset, Flinders, George Town, Meander Valley, Northern Midlands and West Tamar Councils inviting the Tasmanian Government to partner with the region to develop an Asia Business Engagement Strategy.  Read more - 

Northern Tasmanian Councils Collaborate to Drive Economic Growth 21.3.16

Meander Valley Mayor, Craig Perkins has taken on a short term supervisory role at Northern Tasmania Development following the resignation of Executive Officer Derek Le Marchant. Read more - 

Temporary Role for NTD Vice Chair Craig Perkins 28.9.15

Northern Tasmania Development in conjunction with the Northern Midlands Council will be hosting a Chinese Business delegation on 21 and 22 September.  Read more -

China Business Delegation Visits Tasmania - 21.9.15

Regional leaders will meet today to discuss the Regional Futures Project. The project initiated by Northern Tasmania Development seeks to establish a shared direction to advance the prospects for the northern region.  Read more - 

Regional Leaders Meet To Discuss Futures Project - 4.12.14

Following on from the success of the inaugural C8 Summit in October last year, Northern Tasmania Development has confirmed that it will be full steam ahead for the 2014 C8 Summit (C8 = Councillors of the eight northern local government areas). Read me - 

2014 C8 Summit - Newly Elected Council Representatives Welcome 11.11.14

Northern Tasmania is set to add world-class mountain bike trails to its list of adventure experiences after the opening of Hollybank MTB Park.  The result of years of planning and eight months of construction was revealed at the official opening this Saturday, 4 October 2014.  Read more -

'Best Trail in Australia' Opens at Hollybank - 2.10.14

Premier's Media Release re Hollybank Opening - 4.10.14

The Hon. Michelle O’Byrne MPin conjunction with NTD announced the successful Tasmanian tenderer for the construction of the Hollybank Mountain Bike Trail Network. The Tasmanian Government has provided the $800,000 funding for this project through the Tasmanian Jobs Package.  Read more - 

Hollybank Mountain Bike Trail Network - Successful Tasmanian Company - 28.11.13

A powerful alliance of northern interests today urged the Federal Government to urgently step in to find speedy solutions to Tasmania’s Bass Strait freight crisis.  The action, spearheaded by NTD, aims to ramp up the pressure on both the Federal and State governments, two years after the state lost its international shipping service.  Read more -

Tasmania's Bass Strait Freight Crisis - 17.5.13

The Mayors of the northern region are calling on Australia Post to reconsider any downgrading of Express Post next-day services to and from Northern Tasmania. NTD President, Albert van Zetten, said that it appears Australia Post has grossly underestimated the importance of next-day mail services to the community, particularly for businesses.  Read more - 

Australia Post Next Day Delivery Service - 20.2.13

NTD today released a report calling for action on the proposed upgrades at the Port of Bell Bay in order to provide long-term capacity for Tasmania’s economic development. The withdrawal of container services from the Port of Bell Bay has increased community and industry concerns about the future role of the Port of Bell Bay. NTD commissioned the independent report to examine the future role of the Port of Bell Bay in Tasmania’s port system.  Read more -
Port of Bell Bay's Future - 30.10.12

In 2011, Northern Tasmania Development (NTD) commenced the Local Government Review Project to reframe the debate by broadening discussion of the future role of Local Government. NTD believes the Councils in the northern region need to assume a proactive rather than reactive position in regard to the future of local government. NTD is a regional development organisation owned by the eight Northern Tasmanian Councils.  Read more - 

Local Government Debate - 20.07.12

NTD says cuts to front -line health services will shift the cost to local communities. NTD Chairman and West Tamar Mayor Barry Easther, speaking on behalf of the eight regional Mayors, said today the burden of State Government health funding cuts would be far reaching.  Read more -

Health Cuts A Cost To Local Communities - 21.10.11


Northern Tasmania Ballot Box - 13 August 2013

Radio interview with ABC Northern Tasmania's Damien Brown.  This interview discusses the Federal pre-election commitment by Tony Abbott to annually report on major infrastructure projects around the country, which will assist with government transparency and accountability to the public.

Bell Bay Aluminium - 16 July 2013

Radio interview with ABC Northern Tasmania's Damien Brown. News from Bell Bay Aluminium to reduce its staff by 18. This follows on from increased efficiencies and cost savings, in particular in the Maintenance Area, together with the continuing fall in the price of aluminium.

Maritime and Future Directions of Sea Transport in Tasmania - 30 April 2013

Radio interview with ABC northern Tasmania's Damien Brown. A round table discussion about where the State is headed, the shape of our wharves, port facilities, the future of freight, the cost of living on our island and recreational water activities.  The panelists represented are Derek Le Marchant - NTD; Richard Bovill - farmer and exporter; Gwyn Alway - Maritime & Safety Tasmania; and Steven Martin - Mayor of Devonport.

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